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Email Extractor Lite 1.7

Email Extractor Lite 1.7
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How To Use this Email extractor Lite 1.7

This is the most powerful and feature rich email extractor of its kind on the internet developed by Surf7 team. It can extract email addresses and web url’s from a text. Simply follow the instructions below to use this tool.

1. Past a text from google search or your word document into the input window.

2. In the type of addresses to extract, you can select EMAIL or WEB (depending on if you want only email addresses or web url’s to be extracted from the text you pasted in the input window)

3. Click on extract button at the right-bottom of the page. Other formatting options are available such as what string of emails to extract and what not to extract, etc etc.

This is an amazing tool in the arsenal of email marketing gurus.

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